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Strona główna » Alternative Dispute Resolution: From Roman Law to Contemporary Regulations
Alternative Dispute Resolution: From Roman Law to Contemporary Regulations
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In a sight of the increasing recognition of Alternative Dispute Resolution, the

6th edition of Polish-Spanish Conference on the European Legal Tradition, held

last year in Warsaw, concentrated on this issue. Tangible effect of that conference

appears to be a present publication. Discussed in the book problems concentrate

mostly on arbitration, mediation and settlement, presenting not only contemporary

regulations, but also its historical inclinations. References to Roman law

invariably remain a common denominator of introduced matters.

The authors of the description come from several Polish and Spanish universities.

Hence, at the publication, you can find information featured on the

experiences of these two countries. Comparative perspective is a quite essential

element of the book, whereas europeanization and globalization of the disputes.

Beyond question is also the fact that Alternative Dispute Resolution can evolve

into a strong competitor of litigation. It seems to be an effective possibility to

create a proper space for feuding parties.
Ilość stron 194 stron
Wydawnictwo Silva Rerum
ISBN 978-83-65697-09-7
EAN 978-83-65697-09-7
Data publikacji 2017-04-19
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